Friday, March 12, 2010


I don't ever want my Understanding of The Shift® to be "commonplace."  I have been objecting to the negative connotation of "magical" because I like the word - not because I want to DO magic, but "magic" (as in Harry Potter wizardry) is so awe-inspiring for me.

My First Selectman was a really special kind of guy, not because he was wealthy or hugely intellectual, or anything else for that matter, except that he was the personification of "childlike thinking."  EVERYTHING was always new to him.  Everything was wonderful, as in full of wonder.  Being around him was to experience MORE joy, MORE fun, just by watching him enjoy Being in the Present.  Nobody enjoyed food more than he did.  Nobody enjoyed children more than he did.  And nobody broke harder than he did when faced with another individual in need.  He did what needed to be done, when it needed to be done, whether he had the resources or the backing or not.  That part of it generally got him in trouble..... 

but I want to focus on "childlike wonder."  To me, that's what feeling comes up with the word "magic."  Awestruck.  Awe-inspired.  When I experience the everyday wonders and miracles when Understanding and using Shift tools, I never want to lose that feeling of Awe and Gratitude at being alive, experiencing True Life.

Thanks for listening!

Love, Jet

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