Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How's your attitude, and who gave it to you?

Yesterday I had a perfect example of face and replace.

I wanted to be angry and aggravated.  Things weren't "going my way" and I was really beginning to go to that grrrrr place.  I got in the truck and the radio was on (usually it's on cd because I am listening to my inspirational cds, but Scott drove the truck last) and out belted Starship and "We built this city on rock and roll" - I turned the volume way up and experienced an immediate mood switch to happiness and joy.  Nothing changed but my mood.  However, as a result of that, I had a much better day, I imagine I was a lot more fun to be around, as a matter of fact I'm SURE I was more fun to be around, and I was thinking more clearly, and things sort of resolved themselves around the day.

Face and replace.  For me, it's the little practical examples that have the biggest impact....

Love, Jet

Got questions about the terms used in this blog?  I use The Shift(R) tools as taught and described in Living in Grace - The Shift to Spiritual Perception by Beca Lewis

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