Saturday, January 2, 2010

Distractions while reflecting on the meaning of us

I woke up New Year's Eve morning thinking, "but if we are an idea of God, then what is our purpose?"  So instead of panicking, I let the thought unfold. 

I like that word, unfold.  Like blooming, an oriental poppy slowly unfurling like a piece of plastic wrap relaxing and moving and expanding after being wadded up in one's fist.  And just as wrinkly, but each wrinkle tells a story, relates an experience, and gives character.  And as we let go, the wrinkles "iron" out and what little remains just adds to the beauty of the blossom, like laugh lines on a beautiful woman's face.

So are we to experience?  Collect laugh lines?  I would like to think so.  But even more than that, I think our purpose is to find our way back to that unique idea that we were designed to express, and peel away everything else.  It doesn't matter what we "do" - pick something we love and that inspires us - but the doing has to express that unique idea that we are.  And then life becomes meaningful, as we define it. 

Define, Design and Deliver!  That's meaning!