Sunday, October 4, 2009

The One with the Clearest Intent Wins

I've been waking up with a theme of a song running through my head for over a week now.
I listen to Grace Notes every morning, so my first inclination was to think it is a Grace Note.

So what did I do about it?
I sang it to myself for a day or two, thinking I would forget it or remember it.
Then I took my little digital audio recorder I use to record thoughts while I'm driving (it's much safer than writing while driving, and if I don't put the thoughts down, I forget them) and sang it so that I could definitely remember it. Then I emailed my friend who wrote the music to Grace Notes and asked her if we could chat and try to figure out which one it is.

Are you getting the point?  I did everything I possibly could to avoid the simplest, most direct method of determining if this music came from Grace Notes - listen to the Grace Notes!

Who had the clearest Intent here? Me?  Or whatever was trying to distract me from my purpose, which is finding out what the music is I keep hearing.  Yah, I knew you'd know the answer to that one.....

This morning, I listened to the beginnings of the Grace Notes I own (um, ALL of them) until Voila!  There was the theme!  It's Grace Notes - Fulfillment.  And the reason I was hearing that song, I believe, was to direct me to listen to the words Beca Lewis and Del Piper read along with it, and focus on fulfilling my Purpose, by becoming the best I Am of Who I Am...

And I think, maybe, to focus on Clearing up My Intent, and maybe, to pass the message on to you.....

Keeping it Simple,  Jet 

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to listen Jet, listen especially to Fulfillment and listen within. Beautiful!