Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To experience harmony and connection, be your unique self

We spend a lot of our lives trying to fit in, to be like the others whom we admire and respect.

Our school curriculums are constructed to teach to a standard, and of course, the approved goal is to exceed average.  If we don't express what the curriculum suggests, we are considered to be below or above average, which is an imaginary stake in the ground by which to measure all of us.

Our churches set up guidelines by which to live, suggesting appropriate behavior, lifestyle and thought.  They give us language to live by, and if we don't understand the language, or don't speak the language, or don't practice the language as it is written, then it looks like we don't fit in.

Why do we do this?

Because we have a need to be connected, to fit in, to feel like we are not alone.  If we're not "like the others," we feel separate, afraid and alone. 

Well, here's a thought for you -

What if we are all pieces of a jigsaw puzzle?  Each piece can only fit into one unique spot.  If we try to fit into a spot that doesn't fit us, we either deny the correct piece the space to fill, or we feel "left out," and separate.  In Truth, we don't fit that particular space, but we do all fit in.  In fact, we all are necessary to each other, because as we search out and try spaces and find our perfect spot, all of us make up the perfect whole picture.

The finished picture is always there.  It's right there and available for us to see, all the time, everywhere.  Until we are all willing to seek out and take our rightful, unique place, see and express our own unique shape (gift), we just can't see it, that's all.

Therefore, I propose to all of us that it is, in fact, our uniqueness that harmonizes with the Universe, not our conformity.  After all, it takes different voices to make harmony, doesn't it?

What about that?

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  1. Yes it does! I love the idea of listening to the voices making harmony, thank you Jet for keeping it straight and simple!