Saturday, October 31, 2009

Clear up the view

As I sat early this morning doing an assignment for the Shift Masters, a beam of light caught my eye.  I looked up to see a bright shaft from the sun's rising peak through a peep hole between the tree line and the clouds off to the east.  Only by watching the tree line could I see the movement of the grey mass which looked stationary everywhere else, so I watched right there as the light of the sun appeared to move and brighten and fade, depending on the density of the cloud cover.
For a moment, I was distracted by a memory of taking off from the airport in a rainstorm, speeding down the runway, lifting into the air, climbing through the water and mist until I could see nothing but grey, and all of a sudden breaking through to a gorgeous panorama of blue sky, white puffy mountains of clouds and yellow, yellow sunshine.  I still can feel the thrill of that view!
The sun is shining.  The sky is blue.  God is good.  And just because I can't see it from my porch window right this moment doesn't mean that's not true!


  1. I love your view Jet, thank you. I love your picture that you captured precisely with that shaft of light shining through the clouds. A beautiful metaphor, and yep, it does clear up the view!