Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mortgage Forgiveness

May I suggest that anyone who is concerned, worried about foreclosure or other issues surrounding his or her home consult with a professional before taking action, one way or the other? I just went searching on the internet and found a HUD website for what they are calling free mortgage counseling for affected homeowners. What I liked best about the site is the little link called "scams." Yes, there are those out there who may not be precisely what they say they are. And because I have been to the HUD websites before, they look authentic. However, please do not click on a link in another email or website. Please search Housing and Urban Development or HUD to get to a verified website from your home page search link.

There IS help for affected homeowners out there. There have been two very recent acts signed into law, but the guidelines, as in all acts, are complex.

Ask for help!

Regards, Jet

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