Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Novel idea

All I can say is, it's a good thing I read Chapter 8, Choose Consciously, in Living in Grace - The Shift to Spiritual Perception by Beca Lewis before embarking on my professional education self-study yesterday!  Phew, talk about World View, Ltd!  (aka DWAB)  Several courses are devoted to dealing with the financial crisis, economic crisis, whatever the fiction writers are calling it this week.  If I hadn't read the chapter first, as well as reading the entire book several times and participating in 100s of The Shift® calls and discussions with Beca Lewis over the past five years, I might have just shut down the computer and crawled into bed, put the covers over my head and NEVER come out!

But I did read the chapter, and kept this passage firmly in Mind as I "studied":  (p. 90)

"The truth is, we are all wealthy and no one is poor, but that is not what the world has told us.  Remember, the Earth state of mind is a game about overcoming the belief of lack.  It has created a system of buying and selling, and therefore we must be 'sold' on the belief that there is never enough.  It really is time be aware of the game and then to know and act from the Truth of One Mind.
As we work through the GRACIOUS steps, we discover that we have always received and always will receive all that we need.  As we awaken to the Truth about who we are and the truth that this is not a material, physical, mental, or mystical universe, but a Spiritual one, we will see the evidence of this in our daily lives."

Then, on page 93, "Prayer brings our awareness and perception to God, not God to us."

Today's assignment, should you wish to accept it, is this -

There's a story going around out there.  It's called An Economic Crisis.  It's a novel.  It's a work of fiction. DO NOT AGREE TO IT. Under any circumstances at all.  If it were true, everyone in the universe would be completely without.  There is abundance, infinite wealth.  Tap it, use it, take what you need and pass it on.  That's why they call it "trade."



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